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What Are the Advantages of Traditional Art Museums?

Did you know that, according to Business Insider, art auctions earned $11.5 billion dollars as of 2012, and art sales are up by as much as 21% since 2010? Modern…

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Satisfy Your Art Cravings by Heading to MoMA and The Met

NYC is the home of lots of things to do and see which plays a major role that tourists flock to the city by the millions. When visiting there, you…

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Three Secrets of the NY Art Museum World that Might Shock You

We’ve all been to art museums before. What you might not realize is that, behind these iconic buildings are secrets and intriguing stories the majority of the public are never…

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Did You Know NYC Has More Than Two Art Museums? Here Are Four You Probably Have Not Visited

Everyone knows about The Museum of Modern Art and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Museum sees almost 5 million visitors every single year, and the Modern…

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Goings On at the Met Museum of Art

Summer is only halfway done, but the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is already looking ahead to the fall. Here is just a tantalizing sample of some the upcoming…

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The Art We Breathe Everyday

At one point, art was controlled by the rich, and carried out by the confining walls of cathedrals and churches. At one point, art was nothing but names like Michelangelo…

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Google Homepage Art Combines Wit and Aesthetics Within a Striking Design Scheme

Google homepage art relies on a number of sources for its clever doodles. The cool artwork found on the Google homepage is based on pieces from the new york metropolitan…

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Exploring Modern Art at the Museum of Modern Art

Exploring the Museum of Modern Art has never gotten easier. Following in the footsteps of the Chicago Art Institute free days, the Museum of Modern Art has decided to allow…

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Chicago Art Institute Free Days

If you are curious about art, but feel that you do not know a lot about it, Chicago art institute free days can help expose you to different artistic styles…

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The Modern and Contemporary Art Capital of the World

For many art aficionados, not only those in the United States but thousands all around the world, a museum in NYC is located smack in the middle of the art…

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