Satisfy Your Art Cravings by Heading to MoMA and The Met

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NYC is the home of lots of things to do and see which plays a major role that tourists flock to the city by the millions. When visiting there, you can go to a ball game, catch a great live concert, or simply walk around and check out all of the historic sites. However, for the most rewarding experience possible, heading to the Met Museum of Art is an absolute must. In addition, the Museum of Modern Art, which is often known as MoMA for short, is considered one of the five most popular of its kind in the world and is a must-see for anyone who wants the best NYC experience possible.

The Met has become the premier museum in NYC because of the wide range of art that it hosts. The art collection includes everything from Ancient Roman to contemporary American designs and work. In fact, its European sculpture and decorative arts collection alone features more than 50,000 unique items that art fans from all over the world can appreciate. Regardless of what your specific tastes might be, or if you have had little interest at all in the past, the varied collection is breath taking and awe-inspiring.

For another rewarding experience, art fans should also head to MoMA, which is home to a massive collection of drawings, paintings, photography, and prints. The items of different artists from around the world all have a different style and meaning, and they are awesome on their own. But as a group, all of the pieces in the art museum work together to give visitors an unforgettable experience.

With its main location on the Eastern edge of Central Park, The Met is easy to get to and can be included in any trip around the city. If you are coming from outside of the city, you can get there from Penn Station by simply hoping on the M4 bus to 83rd and Madison or the C local train or the C Train to 81st and the M79 bus over to 5th Ave. And, of course, there are subways and buses that can get you close from either side of Manhattan. Because it is so easy to get to and is an integral part of the culture that makes NYC famous around the world, heading to the Met Museum of Art should be a part of every trip to the city.

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