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For many art aficionados, not only those in the United States but thousands all around the world, a museum in NYC is located smack in the middle of the art capital of the world. There are many things that can be said about New York City, but being dull would never be one of them. Sure, New York City is over crowded, filled with rude, impatient people who think they are the center of the universe, it smells bad at times, its full of filth and germs, and forget about peace and privacy. However, for art lovers, they can find all kinds of cool artwork at any museum in NYC.

If one is planning to visit an art museum in NYC, there is the MET art museum, museum of fine art, and the museum of modern art. While there are is surely at least one museum in NYC to accommodate the taste of any art lover, the modern art museums that can be found in NYC might be its strongest feature. Being the hip place it is, there are several NYC museums that exhibit some of the most unique, compelling works by some of the most famous contemporary artists. In fact, for those who are not familiar with contemporary art, the will surely be perplexed when they get a chance to see a model of the stature of liberty made of toothpicks, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe composed of hundreds of dyed ketchup packets, or a sofa bound by a rope and paint tarp.

While many individuals who visit a contemporary art museum in NYC might be perplexed at what they find, art connoisseurs will certainly find themselves in paradise. In fact, there are so many museums in the city that a person could arrange to visit a different museum in NYC city once a week for a year, and still not get a chance to visit all of them; and it would actually take more than two full years. Of course, there are only around 80 major museums in New York City, but if you count minor art galleries, there are well well over 100 different museums and art galleries in the New York City.

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