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At one point, art was controlled by the rich, and carried out by the confining walls of cathedrals and churches. At one point, art was nothing but names like Michelangelo and Botticelli. Art was a task of depicted baby Jesus and the virgin Marry. Art at one point, was simply European and stuck in the Renaissance. Although beautiful and incomparable to many, this now art history has become just a memory… Many would claim that there is more uniqueness found today in a modern art museum.

The most amazing thing to remember about a modern art museum, is the fact that not all of the cool artwork and contemporary pieces might not be found in those closed walls. Today, the world itself is an art museum. You can find street art in any big city that you travel to, whether in this country or outside of it.

Modern artists, such as the rebellious Banksy, who likes to shows his work in the streets without being seen, has shown the people of today that the art of attacking political issues through street art is just another way of showing that art has changed. There is no more of the rich telling a painter what to paint, or the church telling a sculptor to depict another statue of David, that in reality wont ever live up to the one and only great done by the arrogant Michelangelo himself.

Artists today are modest and are deeper than before and just want the world to hear their thoughts through either the sculpting movements of their hand or the slight swipe of their brush.

The museum of modern art in any location will most likely attract the eyes of the younger generations, for they understand the deepened depths hidden behind the sometimes simplistic covers that artists hide their work beneath.

If you ever find yourself walking through a modern art museum, you must proceed to every new piece with an open mind. When looking at modern art, it is often that you can will run into some really abstract pieces, and sometimes even some modern pieces will be a little bit discomforting, but these are the times when you must truly think about how the artist felt when creating it, and you must keep an open mind in order to fully enjoy it.

Take a gander through a modern art museum, or a museum of fine art somewhere, you will probably actually find a lot of modern pieces located in a NYC museum as well. But seriously take a little walk through, and while keeping that open mind staring at the modern work, think back to the days of the Renascence, and then compare them.

Both beautiful in their own way.. but the art of today is just different, filled with feeling and crammed with the passion of searching for purpose.

Cool Artwork

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