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If you are curious about art, but feel that you do not know a lot about it, Chicago art institute free days can help expose you to different artistic styles and techniques without setting you back a lot of money. You do not have to travel to the museum of modern art in New York City or one of the other major international museums in NY or Europe to see and learn about the major trends and developments in art over the past few centuries. You can see it for free right in your own back yard. Chicago Art Institute free days allow you to explore a casual or new interest without risk. You can even bring your family if you want without breaking the bank.

MoMA, the New York Metropolitan art museum, or the sculpture garden DC may all have a higher profile, but they are not the only major national galleries that have diverse and important collections of paintings and sculptures from the most important artists of the past two hundred years. With Chicago Art Institute free days, you can learn how a few French painters started experimenting with color in the mid nineteenth century to create some of the most popular works of art in human history. You can learn how these simple experiments transformed painting and sculpture into the enormous array of styles, techniques, and artistic philosophies that are generally called “modern art”. If you are looking for a museum of fine art to see some of these paintings and to figure out why they are important, Chicago Art Institute free days can help. Impressionism has had a huge impact on everyone because it is the cornerstone of all modern art, including the every day art we see in movies, advertizements, and daily life. Chicago Art Institute free days can show you how.

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