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Summer is only halfway done, but the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is already looking ahead to the fall. Here is just a tantalizing sample of some the upcoming and ongoing offerings at the Met Museum in NYC.

August 19th ushers in an exhibition of photographs by 19th Century portraitist Julia Margaret Cameron, known for her “living” style of photography, her somewhat unorthodox, “sloppy” techniques (valuing light and motion over clarity and precision), and her deeply spiritual themes and meanings. The exhibit will display over fifty works by Cameron, and will run through early January of 2014.

An exhibition beginning October 1st will offer striking examples of 18th Century French etchings, along with a detailed account of the development of various techniques by French artists such as Hubert Robert and Antoine Watteau. Expect this exhibit to run through early January as well.

A popular ongoing exhibition features the furniture creations of Abraham Roentgen and his son David, renowned cabinetmakers during the second half of the 18th Century. Examples of some of their finest work are on display, including what was quite possibly the most expensive piece of furniture in Europe at the time, the Berlin Secretary Cabinet. The exhibition is slated to continue through January 26th.

There are far too many exhibitions, collections, and events to cover in one article. Stop by the Met Museum website for complete listings. And whether you visit the Met Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, the American Museum of Natural History, or the Museum of Modern Art, never take for granted the rich historical treasures available for all to see, and remember how lucky you are to live in New York City.

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