What Are the Advantages of Traditional Art Museums?

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Did you know that, according to Business Insider, art auctions earned $11.5 billion dollars as of 2012, and art sales are up by as much as 21% since 2010? Modern art stretches and pushes boundaries, creates iterations – and new definitions – of beauty, and raises important questions. It is especially important then, that art enthusiasts and new collectors know where to find some of the nation’s best art. What can art lovers expect some of the most prestigious museums?

Modern Art Museums

One of the most popular places to appreciate art is a traditional contemporary and modern art museums. Museums offer a number of different exhibits, typically focusing around a particular style or artist. A museum can be a great way to explore a variety of art, and the physical setting also allows fo


Satisfy Your Art Cravings by Heading to MoMA and The Met

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NYC is the home of lots of things to do and see which plays a major role that tourists flock to the city by the millions. When visiting there, you can go to a ball game, catch a great live concert, or simply walk around and check out all of the historic sites. However, for the most rewarding experience possible, heading to the Met Museum of Art is an absolute must. In addition, the Museum of Modern Art, which is often known as MoMA for short, is considered one of the five most popular of its kind in the world and is a must-see for anyone who wants the best NYC experience possible.

The Met has become the premier museum in NYC because of the wide range of art that it hosts. The art collection includes everything from Ancient Roman to contemporary American designs and work. In fact, its European sculpture an


Three Secrets of the NY Art Museum World that Might Shock You

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We’ve all been to art museums before. What you might not realize is that, behind these iconic buildings are secrets and intriguing stories the majority of the public are never privy to. We all know the MoMA is one of the most influential contemporary museums in the world, but what lays beneath the paint and bizarre video montages? Here are three surprising facts about museums in NY that you never knew.

1. Dead Eagles at the Museum of Modern Art

One piece being displayed in the MoMA, “Canyon” by Robert Rauschenberg, has a very interesting history. The multi media painting, created in 1959, created a host of legal problems for its past owners, who received it as inheritance. They were not allowed to sell it, since it incorporated the taxidermied body of a real eagle. The IRS, though, s


Did You Know NYC Has More Than Two Art Museums? Here Are Four You Probably Have Not Visited

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Everyone knows about The Museum of Modern Art and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met Museum sees almost 5 million visitors every single year, and the Modern Art Museum saw more than 3 million visitors in 2010. Both of these NYC museums are incredible sources of art and culture, and fantastic places to spend the day with friends are family. However, many people do not realize that NYC is home to many more museums worth visiting.

Here are just four that you should check out before paying a third or fourth visit to your favorite arts museum.

1. The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is fairly popular among the NYC museums, but one significant reason to visit if you have not already is that it doubles as an architectural marvel. Modern and contemporary art are the specialty here, but their Sackler


Goings On at the Met Museum of Art

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Summer is only halfway done, but the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art is already looking ahead to the fall. Here is just a tantalizing sample of some the upcoming and ongoing offerings at the Met Museum in NYC.

August 19th ushers in an exhibition of photographs by 19th Century portraitist Julia Margaret Cameron, known for her “living” style of photography, her somewhat unorthodox, “sloppy” techniques (valuing light and motion over clarity and precision), and her deeply spiritual themes and meanings. The exhibit will display over fifty works by Cameron, and will run through early January of 2014.

An exhibition beginning October 1st will offer striking examples of 18th Century French etchings, along with a detailed account of the development of various techniques by French artists such as Hubert Robert and Ant


The Art We Breathe Everyday

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At one point, art was controlled by the rich, and carried out by the confining walls of cathedrals and churches. At one point, art was nothing but names like Michelangelo and Botticelli. Art was a task of depicted baby Jesus and the virgin Marry. Art at one point, was simply European and stuck in the Renaissance. Although beautiful and incomparable to many, this now art history has become just a memory… Many would claim that there is more uniqueness found today in a modern art museum.

The most amazing thing to remember about a modern art museum, is the fact that not all of the cool artwork and contemporary pieces might not be found in those closed walls. Today, the world itself is an art museum. You can find street art in any big city that you travel to, whether in this country or outside of it.

Modern arti


Google Homepage Art Combines Wit and Aesthetics Within a Striking Design Scheme

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Google homepage art relies on a number of sources for its clever doodles. The cool artwork found on the Google homepage is based on pieces from the new york metropolitan museum of art and the sculpture garden DC is known for, amongst many other galleries and showcases. The google homepage art doodle is beautifully set within the simple design of the Google homepage. This makes the Google homepage art stand out even more than it otherwise may have.

The designers who work at google and come up with the doodles for Google homepage art have studied at many prestigious art programs such as the museum of modern art program in Boston, otherwise known as the museum school. The museum school has a well regarded graphic design program from which many top Google designers have graduated.


Exploring Modern Art at the Museum of Modern Art

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Exploring the Museum of Modern Art has never gotten easier. Following in the footsteps of the Chicago Art Institute free days, the Museum of Modern Art has decided to allow visitors to pay on donation scale. There is a recommended amount that people should pay when visiting The MET Museum, but if people are unable to pay it or wish to pay more that is allowed.

Ever wonder what you could see when you visit the Museum of Modern Art? There are hundreds, if not thousands, of cool artwork that are available for viewing. The Museum of Modern Art tries to carry pieces that are from some of the most well known artists from around the world. It is not uncommon to visit this museum in NYC and see paintings, sculptures, and drawings from China, Japan, India, and Germany.

In addition to the eclectic mix of well know


Chicago Art Institute Free Days

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If you are curious about art, but feel that you do not know a lot about it, Chicago art institute free days can help expose you to different artistic styles and techniques without setting you back a lot of money. You do not have to travel to the museum of modern art in New York City or one of the other major international museums in NY or Europe to see and learn about the major trends and developments in art over the past few centuries. You can see it for free right in your own back yard. Chicago Art Institute free days allow you to explore a casual or new interest without risk. You can even bring your family if you want without breaking the bank.

MoMA, the New York Metropolitan art museum, or the sculpture garden DC may all have a higher profile, but they are not the only major national galleries that have diverse and important collections of paintings and sculptures from the most important artists of the past two hundred years. With Chicago Art Institute free days, you can learn how a few French painters started experimenting with color in the mid nineteenth century to create some of the most popular works of art in human history. You can learn how these simple experiments transformed painting and sculpture into the enormous array of styles, techniques, and artistic philosophies that are generally called “modern art”. If you are looking for a museum of fine art to see some of these paintings and to figure out why they are important, Chicago Art Institute free days can help. Impressionism has had a huge impact on everyone because it is the cornerstone of all modern art, including the every day art we see in movies, advertizements, and daily life. Chicago Art Institute free days can show you how.


The Modern and Contemporary Art Capital of the World

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For many art aficionados, not only those in the United States but thousands all around the world, a museum in NYC is located smack in the middle of the art capital of the world. There are many things that can be said about New York City, but being dull would never be one of them. Sure, New York City is over crowded, filled with rude, impatient people who think they are the center of the universe, it smells bad at times, its full of filth and germs, and forget about peace and privacy. However, for art lovers, they can find all kinds of cool artwork at any museum in NYC.

If one is planning to visit an art museum in NYC, there is the MET art museum, museum of fine art, and the museum of modern art. While there are is surely at least one museum in NYC to accommodate the taste of any art lover, the modern art museums that can be found in NYC might be its strongest feature. Being the hip place it is, there are several NYC museums that exhibit some of the most unique, compelling works by some of the most famous contemporary artists. In fact, for those who are not familiar with contemporary art, the will surely be perplexed when they get a chance to see a model of the stature of liberty made of toothpicks, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe composed of hundreds of dyed ketchup packets, or a sofa bound by a rope and paint tarp.

While many individuals who visit a contemporary art museum in NYC might be perplexed at what they find, art connoisseurs will certainly find themselves in paradise. In fact, there are so many museums in the city that a person could arrange to visit a different museum in NYC city once a week for a year, and still not get a chance to visit all of them; and it would actually take more than two full years. Of course, there are only around 80 major museums in New York City, but if you count minor art galleries, there are well well over 100 different museums and art galleries in the New York City.