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Looking for a New Family Activity? Consider Dance Classes

Dance schools for kids

Are you thinking about ways to get your family to be more active? Perhaps you want to encourage your children to take part in different activities than those to which they are accustomed. If either of these is the case, you may want to consider enrolling your family members in anything from hip hop dance lessons to ballet dance classes.

In general, if kids start formal dance training at a young age, they can more readily attain a high level of dance over an extended period of time–acquiring critical skills along the way. Childrens dance lessons can also help to encourage the d


An Fun Way to Create Lasting Wedding Memories

Pittsburgh wedding video booth

Are you looking to add something fun and a little different for your wedding reception? Given the fact that your wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable event in your life, why not offer something that will help you and your guests to remember it better?.

When it come to planning a party or gathering in this day and age, it is challenging to come up with a fun idea that hasn’t been done umpteen million times by your friends. That being said, have you ever considered renting a wedding video photo booth?

Okay, you are probably thinking that you are about the spend several hundred dollars to hire a professional photographer, so why bother spending more on video booth rentals. Well, since you are trying to find ways to add a bit of fun for your guests, why not give them the ch


Planning a Fanciful, Woodland Wedding

Planning a party checklist

The hottest wedding trends of 2014 are in. According to The Knot, one of the most popular trends of the year will be ethereal woodland weddings. From outdoor venues with wistful decorations to brides and bridesmaids with loose braids and flower crowns, laid back — and fanciful — woodsy weddings are all the rage this year. Want to plan your own woodland wedding? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Outdoor Ceremonies and Receptions 101

Couples need to carefully plan for ceremonies and receptions in all kinds of weather. Wedding tent rentals, for example, will keep guests comfortable and dry — on hot su


Do You Need Quality Sound for Your Next Album? Consider Using a Professional Recording Studio

Jazz recording studio

Are you a musician producing a music video? Perhaps you’re creating a radio advertisement for your small business. Regardless of the exact situation, you’ll likely want to consider professional video recording services or top-flight audio equipment.

A key component will be to ensure that the sound quality is crisp and clear. It is for this reason that professional recording studios are ideal locations for these kinds of projects. They have been built with special attention paid to the acoustic quality of the room, so that the resulting recordings sound as good as possible. This means that the layout of the room itself must be conducive to recording the v


Why You Benefit From Buying Musical Instruments Online

Guitar distortion

Buying your first guitar is something special. You could be a teen who’s worked all summer to save up for his dream instrument or a middle-aged 9-to-5er simply looking for a new weekend hobby — no matter what, you’re not likely to forget your fist six-string. That’s why guitar is the go-to musical instrument for some 20 million Americans, according to U.S. census data. And in the end, you’ll likely just know the right ax when you hold it in your hands.

At least, that’s the way it used to be.

Today, plenty of people aren’t purchasing their instruments and other sound equipment from traditional music retailers anymore. Instead, they’ve migrated to the wider selection of online guitar stores. In keeping with that line of thinking, is it even possible to find the right new six- or 12-string guitar if you can’t


Make Your Next Night Out One You Will Never Forget

How much is it to rent a party bus

Did you know that motor buses were first created in the late 19th century? Since that time, buses have become a useful way to travel both short and long distances. There are several types of buses available, including party buses, which are designed to provide passengers with a more enjoyable riding experience. There are two significant benefits of renting a party bus, as this is a more exciting way to travel.

1. Affordable. How much does it cost to rent a party bus? You may be surprised to know that many party bus rentals are actually quite affordable. In fact, even though party buses are often as l


Guided Tours of Ouha Island and Pearl Harbor

Educational discovery tours

Are you planning a Hawaii vacation or destination wedding? Getting to know the Hawaiian Islands can be a very pleasureable task, especailly if you read up on Hawaiian history and culture, and hire an experienced touring company. The Hawaiian Islands are a chain of islands based on an undersea mountain range that was formed by volcanos. The eight major islands consist of volcano peaks, atolls, and multiple small islets in the North Pacific Ocean. Ouha Island is the third biggest island in Hawaii, and the most populated of the eight. The word “Ouha” has no particular meaning in the native Hawaiian language, but the island itslef has always beem known as “The gathering place.” A good place to start your tour, as it is the home of the famous Dole Plantation, which offers vistors an infomrational, han


Are You Looking to Learn How to Play Cello?

Cello teachers

Did you know that the first cello was created by Andrea Amanti? Amanti was a world-famous Italian creator of string instruments, and is known in the musical world quite well. In the years since he created the cello, millions of people around the world have learned to play, and the cello has become a staple in many orchestras. Interestingly, people can learn to play cello online, as there are actually live online music lessons for cello.

The top and back of a cello are traditionally hand-carved, and beginner cellists often put tape on the neck of their instrument to remember the correct finger placements for the left hand. The cello is also typically made of several different types of wood in order to increase the quality of the cello’s performance.

The only way to get good at cello is to take Continue Reading | No Comments


The Hottest 2014 Wedding Trends Soft Pastels, Flower Crowns, and the Roaring Twenties

Party rentals maryland

Recently engaged? The top web authorities on wedding planning recently released the top trends for 2014. Trends range from wedding color schemes (soft pastels are in!) to the year’s most popular themes, including ethereal and bohemian weddings. What do Bridal Guide and Elegant Wedding Invites have to say about the latest wedding trends?

Subtle Pastels Are a Big Hit

Pale pinks, nudes, peaches, and blushes will be all the rage in 2014. “It’s the nudes, the blushes, the peaches — not Pepto Bismol pink!” event designer behind ultra-luxe Soiree in Charleston and New York, Tara Guerard, tells Bridal Guide. Jessica Biel, who married Justin Timberlake in a soft pink gown just two years ago, may be partially responsible for the trend. “I wanted the dr


Local Beauty Pageants A Proud American Tradition

How to win a pageant

All across America and all over the world, girls, teens, and young women have competed in beauty pageants for many decades. Many of these competitions are local beauty pageants that are specific to the contestants’ towns, cities, states, or other regions, and the winners move on to higher-tiered competitions at national and even international levels. In addition to evaluating a contestant’s beauty and talent, judges also pageant interviews to determine other qualities, such as poise, grace, eloquence, and other abilities related to public speaking. The beauty pageant industry has grown so much that thousands of contestants today rely on a pageant coach to help them through the