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Innovative Online Video Production Services

Digital video production

Do you now how popular online web video production is today? You simply have to look at the viewership of websites like YouTube to get an idea. According to recent estimates, YouTube fanatics watch the equivalent of 500 years of video on the notorious website every day!

With that many people watching videos online every day, there are clearly plenty of marketing opportunities to be had by companies ambitious enough to pursue them. For better or worse, there are thousands of companies that are driven enough to go to great lengths to do just that. Naturally, this has created an online marketing environment that is so competitive that companies are forced to find new ways to interact with marketing prospects.

Given the the rabid popularity of online videos, the top companies quickly realized that they


Legacy of Elvis’ Hawaiian Concert Lives On

Blue hawaii

Want to celebrate some of the most iconic moments of Elvis’ career? The King of Rock n’ Roll’s official website describes the concert, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, that was televised all over the world: “Never has one performer held the world’s attention in such a way. Elvis was in top form physically and vocally. This is probably the pinnacle of his superstardom, one of the all-time great moments of his career.” The performance, televised worldwide on January 14, 1973, was viewed by more than 1 billion people — from 40 separate countries. Here are some ways to honor the famous telecast:

Relive the Moment at Home

To this day, consumers can purchase DVDs of the famous Elvis performance. The DVD i


The Benefits of Native American Arts and Crafts

Buffalo skulls

Did you know that Native Americans utilize all parts of the animals they hunt? Native Americans make sure not to waste any animal pieces, so they often fashion tools and art from these parts. There are two important benefits of obtaining Native American arts and crafts, as this is an effective way to experience a portion of Native American culture.

1. High quality. Native American crafts are designed to be of the highest quality. In addition to using animal parts to make different creations, Native Americans also create pottery that is durable. As a result, this pottery is not only considered to be artwork, but it also has a functional use, as well. Additionally, the Navajo Tribe is known for designing hand-woven and colorful blankets that are high quality.

2. Intricate design. Whether you are interested


The Top Five Things To Know About Guitar Effects Pedals

Delay pedals

There is currently a virtually infinite range of guitar tones, textures and sounds you can create, and the vast majority of these come from guitar effect pedals. These guitar effect pedals can distort, thicken or compress your guitar’s natural sound, among many other effects.

If you’re new to guitar effects pedals, the amount of options you have when making your first purchase can seem daunting. But don’t worry — guitar stores and online guitar shops are staffed by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable employees who can help simplify your first pedal purchase.

As you start your search for electric guitar pedals, here are five cool facts to know about them:

1. The earliest tools to make guitar effects were vacuum tube-powered, heavy, fragile and bulky, not to mention highly expensive for a musician to purchase.


Want to Invest in a Home Studio? Here’s What You’ll Need

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If you pick up guitar just as a hobby, sooner or later you’re going to want to learn how to play your favorite songs. Once you master those, you might even have the realization that hey, these tune really aren’t all that hard to play. You might even get the crazy idea to start writing some yourself. But after a while, recording onto an old tape recorder or even your iPhone isn’t going to cut it anymore.

When you want your stuff to sound good — to sound the way it’s meant to, consider investing in setting up a home studio right in your basement or an empty room. You’ve probably seen studios in movies and TV shows, and they always look incredibly imposing and expansive. But you’re not opting for a professional space here, just something that will flatter your little ditties and make them sound as g


Everything You Need to Know to Plug Into Success with Your Guitar Pedals

Electric guitar pedals

In the world of electric guitar pedals, a lot of funny terms get thrown around. “Fuzz,” “wah,” “delay” — what do all these words even mean? They’re all the names of particular sound effects that you can choose to color your guitar playing with. And often, they’re not just for electric guitars, either. Plenty of acoustic guitar and bass guitars have realms of special effects all to themselves.

But electric guitar pedals tend to be the most popular, which means if you’re interested in playing, it’ll help to get a basic understanding of the vocabulary right away. As such, we’ve broken down those three terms above so you know exactly what you’re dealing with when you walk into a music shop. Ready to plug in? First up is…


The story goes that rock and roll guitarist Link Wray st


Corporate Videos Gaining Ground on the Web

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As technology expands, so too do the tools available to marketers. Online corporate videos are increasing in popularity as a form of marketing communication available and accessible to virtually anyone. It is currently estimated that over 80% of marketing executives use video in their marketing campaigns. One can trace the popularity of these marketing videos to YouTube’s heightened presence in the marketplace.

We are living in a visual culture. It is estimated that over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter every minute. Video marketing has been established as an efficient and successful means for a company to communicate with their clients and customers. Corporate videos allow a marketer to speak on a more personal level with their audience and establish through a degree of perceived authenticity pr