Want to Invest in a Home Studio? Here’s What You’ll Need

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If you pick up guitar just as a hobby, sooner or later you’re going to want to learn how to play your favorite songs. Once you master those, you might even have the realization that hey, these tune really aren’t all that hard to play. You might even get the crazy idea to start writing some yourself. But after a while, recording onto an old tape recorder or even your iPhone isn’t going to cut it anymore.

When you want your stuff to sound good — to sound the way it’s meant to, consider investing in setting up a home studio right in your basement or an empty room. You’ve probably seen studios in movies and TV shows, and they always look incredibly imposing and expansive. But you’re not opting for a professional space here, just something that will flatter your little ditties and make them sound as good as they possibly can.

Setting up your own home studio is a lot easier than you probably think. All you need is a few key pieces of sound equipment.

A Recording Device

Face it, we’re living in the digital age. Your computer is going to provide you the best possible bang for your buck because how you can add in all your effects and polish the sound later on. And when you record the actual audio directly and save it right to your hard drive, you’ll never have to go transferring any files. That means your songs are ready to edit as soon as you finish cutting them.

A Microphone

Of course, you can’t expect your computer’s built-in microphone to be up to the task of capturing your soft acoustic guitar sounds — or even your brisk guitar distortion, for that matter. No, for the best results, you’ll need something like a directional mic you can pick up online for only a hundred bucks or so. Look at online guitar shops to see if they’re selling any on clearance for the best deals.

Instruments and Amplifiers

But you already that stuff, right? Well actually, if you’re investing in a professional mic, why not invest in some top-notch equipment while you’re at it? You may have found your first guitar at a garage sale, but a high-quality mic is going to reveal that to your listeners. Instead, look into more advanced musical instruments for sale (again, either via online guitar shops or at local establishments). Grab a powerful amp to match the tone, too.

Speakers, Headphones and Editing Software

Ah yes, the technical stuff. You can’t expect to become a master of home recording without these crucial components, so take some time to test out the caliber of speakers and headphones at electronics stores. As for the software, look for the free downloads online, then bump up to more advanced programs if you want to expand your sound. You need your recordings to sound good both when you create them and when you play them back, and you simply can’t do that without the right hardware.

So whether you’re purchasing your gear from online guitar shops or from the yard sale right down the road, it’s important to understand how to convert those sounds into full-on home recordings. Got more questions involving the setup? Talk to the pros in your area. They’ll know how to turn your basement into Sound City Studios in no time. Read this website for more information.

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