Legacy of Elvis’ Hawaiian Concert Lives On

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Want to celebrate some of the most iconic moments of Elvis’ career? The King of Rock n’ Roll’s official website describes the concert, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, that was televised all over the world: “Never has one performer held the world’s attention in such a way. Elvis was in top form physically and vocally. This is probably the pinnacle of his superstardom, one of the all-time great moments of his career.” The performance, televised worldwide on January 14, 1973, was viewed by more than 1 billion people — from 40 separate countries. Here are some ways to honor the famous telecast:

Relive the Moment at Home

To this day, consumers can purchase DVDs of the famous Elvis performance. The DVD is available online from most major retailers. The deluxe edition DVD, according to About.com, contains, “virtually all of the footage taken for the show,” including “he uncut version of Elvis’ arrival in Waikiki” and a “post-concert “insert” songs session taped after 12:30 a.m. following the live concert and after the audience’s departure.” If you cannot get enough of Elvis in Hawaii, also consider watching his three feature films Blue Hawaii (1961), Girls!, Girls!, Girls! (1962), and Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966) — all filmed in Hawaii, of course!

Say Your Own Alohas to Hawaii

“Even to this day, 35 years after his death, the memories of Elvis are very strong in the islands. Movie tours take island visitors to locations where scenes from his films were shot,” About.com reports. Locals and tourists alike can also choose from a variety of Elvis shows in honor of the king. The performances feature artists who sing and play some of Elvis’ hits, without impersonating or dressing like the King.

Elvis made history in Hawaii on January 14, 1973. Relive his world-famous concert from the comforts of home, or venture to Hawaii on your own to see the sets of his movies and see some of the best Elvis performances.

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