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Do you now how popular online web video production is today? You simply have to look at the viewership of websites like YouTube to get an idea. According to recent estimates, YouTube fanatics watch the equivalent of 500 years of video on the notorious website every day!

With that many people watching videos online every day, there are clearly plenty of marketing opportunities to be had by companies ambitious enough to pursue them. For better or worse, there are thousands of companies that are driven enough to go to great lengths to do just that. Naturally, this has created an online marketing environment that is so competitive that companies are forced to find new ways to interact with marketing prospects.

Given the the rabid popularity of online videos, the top companies quickly realized that they could benefit handsomely by investing in video for SEO. In order to do that video production services supply them with the resources to assemble the most effective video marketing campaigns possible. This is the reason why you are forced to sit through 30 second advertisements before watching whatever YouTube video your’re waiting for.

While most people would prefer not to have to spend 30 seconds of their lives watching online marketing videos for cars their grandfather might drive, the effectiveness of online video marketing is undeniable. In fact, there is a 80% to 90% greater chance that the average web user will watch an online marketing video than open a random promotional email!

If you find the above statistic hard to believe, a Retail Touchpoints survey discover that online video advertisements are nearly 175% more effective than other types of online advertising. Thus, the advantages of hiring the leading online video production services for marketing purposes is clear. Basically, if your company can offer products and services that will appeal to the masses, it seems impossible to lose.

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