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Three Secrets of the NY Art Museum World that Might Shock You

Metropolitan art museum

We’ve all been to art museums before. What you might not realize is that, behind these iconic buildings are secrets and intriguing stories the majority of the public are never privy to. We all know the MoMA is one of the most influential contemporary museums in the world, but what lays beneath the paint and bizarre video montages? Here are three surprising facts about museums in NY that you never knew.

1. Dead Eagles at the Museum of Modern Art

One piece being displayed in the MoMA, “Canyon” by Robert Rauschenberg, has a very interesting history. The multi media painting, created in 1959, created a host of legal problems for its past owners, who received it as inheritance. They were not allowed to sell it, since it incorporated the taxidermied body of a real eagle. The IRS, though, s