Why You Need a Brand Ambassador to Bring Life to Your Company

If you have a brand you’re trying to put out, it’s important to know how to advertise. Over 80% of people are more likely to use your brand if they’ve received a product or had some kind of interaction with brand ambassadors or promo models. But why should you turn to a promo model or other promotional brand ambassador to help make your name known? Learn more and see the many benefits that come with it.

People Become Interested in What You Have to Offer

Folks become interested in what you have to offer when you’ve got a product ambassador helping you out. Over 70% of people surveyed went online and did research on a company and brand after they had an interaction with a promo person. If you choose the right person, you can get your company’s name out easily, and even have a spokesperson. This can go a long way in giving your brand life.

Live Events Make More of an Impression Than TV or Radio

Maybe you think it’s all about the flash and appealing to folks by getting on TV. While that may be true for some, a brand ambassador that heads live events can make a difference in your customer base by talking with consumers, finding out what they like, and leaving an impression that won’t quickly fade away. Over 90% of folks said they were more interested in the live event or it left them with more of an impact than anything they saw on TV. Promotional modeling agencies can help point you in the right direction as you search for people who would best represent your brand. If you want to bring your brand to life, it’s all a matter of knowing what to stage and who to hire to do so.

It’s Easier to hand Out Swag With a Model

If you’re planning on having trade shows or other events, swag is important to bring. This could be anything from t-shirts, pens, keychains or other items that have your brand new on them. These items are distributed for free, a plus since many people are eager to take them. Afterward, they’ll go home and look up your brand, ready to learn more and do business. It’s a bonus because if they pass the items on to someone else, that person will likely do the same thing.

There’s a variety of reasons to use promotional modeling agencies and find the right person who can be your brand ambassador. This individual can help you bring your brand to life and connect with customers. They can distribute swag and keep your brand’s name in people’s heads for many weeks to come. Finally, live events create a greater relationship with people than something as impersonal as a TV ad. If you want to get your company off on the right start, see how promotional modeling agencies can help a make a difference for your business.

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