Next Level Off Road Motorized Skateboard – Why You Should Get In On the Action

Motorized skateboard

When you have about 11 million people reporting that they like to skateboard regularly, you know that the innovative and creative minds behind the skateboarding hobby are going to push it to the next level. Today, that means off road motorized skateboard designs for moving from the city streets to the nature trails. “Core skates,” or those who skate more than 26 times per year, are driving the trends for new ways to move on four wheels. The motorized skateboard, gas and now new high-tech electric, is just one of those ways. But it wasn’t enough to just go fast on smooth surfaces like what you find at skate parks. While there are over 500 of them in the US, skaters wanted more options.

With these all-terrain electric skateboards, riders can easily move from a variety of surfaces. High-impact wheels absorb the shock from loose rocks while provided grip over leaves and dirt. And it just takes a quick change of the wheels, which even a casual skater can do with ease.

Off road motorized skateboard markets include both men and women, as women represent 23.9% of all skaters and 16.6% of core skaters. A motorized longboard, or electric skateboard, might be an ideal transportation option for women around college campuses, to and from work, or for fun on the weekends through parks and back roads.

The biggest accessory for the off road motorized skateboard are the large and durable road wheels for moving over grass, rocks, dirt, sand, and leaves. These wheels give adrenaline junkies a quick way to take their street surfing skills (or electric powered skateboard skills), to the next level. They are higher which allows the rider to get over more obstacles. Imagine getting top speed on a bumpy dirt trail, winding your way through trees and nature, while being one of the first to enjoy the outdoors in this exhilarating way. Off road motorized skateboard enthusiasts will surely find the same kind of thrill.

For those who like to surf, mountain bike, snowboard, or for those who just love speed combined with the outdoors, the off road motorized skateboard should be their next hobby for sure. Many of those picking up the trend are those who enjoyed skateboarding back in the day and are going at it again. They might not be doing Ollie’s or grinding anymore, but they know they have it in them to still have a bit of adventure. They are Tony Hawk’s age, with successful careers, and they know they have earned the right to be totally free on the weekends. The all terrain electric skateboard trend let’s them do just that.

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