Kick Off Your Shoes And Relax With A Glass, Or Two, Of Wine

Kick Off Your Shoes And Relax With A Glass, Or Two, Of Wine

Nothing beats coming home after a long day of work and opening that bottle of rare wine you have not had the time to enjoy. And you can’t beat a delicious, but fancy, homemade meal with a glass of fine red wine or fine white wine, depending on the meal. It can add another layer of taste to a meal, like a tasty garnish. Ever since the discovery of wine in the Middle East 6000 years ago, people continue to buy rare wines for special occasions or just for the sake of having.

White or Red: What Is The Difference?

The process of white wine involves the use of white grapes, without skins and seeds, and yeast. While red wine, if its name has not already given it away, uses darker grapes like red and black; the skin of the grapes are kept. The difference is really in its taste; white wines tend to have fruitier flavors while red wines are richer but somewhat drier. Regardless of the arbitrary differences between the two, what is clear is that research is showing a link between wine and the risk of an early death. Just two glasses has been shown to reduce the risk of an early death by at least 18 percent.

For The Love Of Wine

Beer does not always fill the need for an alcoholic beverage, although altogether, sales in the United States are around $219 billion. Wine, on the other hand, is expecting to see increased sales by 11 percent when 2020 comes to the United States. As for choices of red and wine, at least in America, wine lovers choose red as their top choice, 38 percent of individuals, with white following behind at 32 percent.

The love for wine even extends to how much was consumed in 2016. The United States tallied 949 million gallons of wine, thanks to all those evenings at a fancy restaurant, house parties, and individuals that buy rare wine. And much of the wine customers partake in comes from California where 90 percent of the United States wine production hails from.

Wine has even fostered a culture. To buy rare wine is oftentimes a sign of wealth. This wine is usually stored in special rooms to await the suitable guest to break it out and enjoy.

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