How Effective Are Digital Videos for Marketing Purposes?

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Modern technology makes it simple to create and distribute high-quality digital videos via the internet. In fact, YouTube alone has over 4 billion world-wide views each day, and on average, over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute. Digital video production is not just a fun way to create and share videos among your family and friends, it’s a practical and effective marketing strategy as well. Video marketing is extremely effective, and according to research by Marketing Charts, 60% of consumers watch videos on products before they purchase them. In addition, video results appear in an estimated 70 percent of the top 100 most popular searches on Google.

One of the reasons why marketing videos are so effective is that they can go viral much easier than print ads or infographics. Advertising with digital video production allows people to comment on your video advertisement, this generates attention and relevance to your company and/or products. A great example of viral video marketing involves the company known as Dollar Shave Club. Dollar Shave Club was a name that no one heard about until just a couple of years ago when an hilarious video made by their president spread at a viral-rate online. Today, Dollar Shave Club is arguably the most successful and recognizable brand of online shaving supplies.

If you can create an influential or hilarious video that not only makes viewers want to share the video with others, but also markets your brand effectively, you’ve got a tremendous way to increase brand recognition and sales. Not everyone possesses the skills and the equipment to create these videos, in which case hiring a video production business can be a reliable solution. Video production services have the knowledge, skills and the equipment to create a high-quality and influential marketing video for your business or organization. More on this topic:

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