Eye-Catching Packaging For Fun Shoppers

This should be a familiar story to most of you. You’re walking down the aisle at your local supermarket and you catch sight of an interesting looking package that you’ve never seen before. The next thing you know you’re checking your phone, researching the product, before you know it, the item is in your cart with the rest of the products you had planned to purchase. Packaging design has a very defined effect on what consumers are buying. Businesses who put specific care into designing packages and labels that are eye catching and geared towards their own unique specific target audience have reported a wide increase in their sales. This is not only limited to the new brand of cookies you see on the shelf in the market, however. This trend has expanded into businesses in every walk of life, from the packaging of the coffee you so desperately need every morning, your pet’s favorite brand of food, and even the packaging that your cannabis is bundled in! What is the big deal about the aesthetic of these packages? Why are we purchasing fun custom packaging instead of the general run of the mill product next to it that hasn’t altered its look in years? Quite simply, it is because we want the items that we purchase to be representative of the personal desires that we associate with the products we use, and the packaging is the first sign that they are going to live up to the expectations that we have set for them.

Custom Coffee Bags

Americans are used to flashy items competing to catch their eye on a shelf, and this habit extends into the package designs of our everyday food and drink. In recent years, coffee packaging has evolved from the dull and boring cans that lined shelves for years into fun, printed coffee bags that both highlight creative graphic design work and boast a more “green” outlook, as they are biodegradable and thus easier on the environment that we all share and live in. Considering the fact that over 50 percent of Americans enjoy their coffee every morning, a little bit of a bright, happy, and eco-friendly aesthetic is sure to provide just the right kick to wake even the groggiest of night-owls up for a long day ahead!

Flashy Pet Treat Packaging

Your pet’s favorite brand of treats is another product that now often comes wrapped in fun and trendy packaging! Though your furry friend might not be able to tell the difference, your decision on what to feed your pet is often based on what the product is showing off in its packaging. A nice mixture of real meats and veggies is often the healthiest, as and package worth its stuff likes to boast, and a cute design to wrap it all up in will help you to remember exactly which bag on the shelf is the right one for your furry little friend every time you go to the store to stock up.

Creative Cannabis Carriers

Perhaps the most unexpected product that benefits from a unique, custom package design is cannabis. It’s almost as if these custom candy bags are meant to disguise what exactly is held in store on the inside. The one thing you might have to worry about here is keeping these playful pouches out of reach of children. As cannabis edibles are also on the rise, consumers can now enjoy their new favorite cannabis-infused snacks in style.

Coffee, pet treats, and cannabis are just of few of literally millions of products that use creative packaging designs to corner their market and sell to consumers that don’t just want to keep on buying the same old boring product. The packaging design of each item on the shelf forms the basis for your first true interaction with the product, so a unique, creative, eye-catching look has become pivotal for companies looking to form a healthy and consistent relationship with their customers. Plus, it is always fun to see what designs these businesses will come up with next to make for a new and unique shopping experience. Get yourself to the market and be on the look out for the most creative packaging designs to see what really grabs your eye.

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