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Did you know ballroom dancing is considered a sport, and is actually an Olympic event? Now the members of your nearest dance studio are likely not trying to reach that level of finesse, but that should encourage you actually. The benefits of a group dance class are numerous, and not always obvious. Want to know more? Read below.

Do You Avoid Sports and the Gym For Fear of Looking Out of Place?

It’s true, there are many people who are hopeless at catching a ball. There are just as many people who shudder at the thought of getting sweaty amid strangers on the complicated machines at the gym. It is said that if you hate exercising, you just haven’t found what works for you yet. Everyone has their own preferences, and raising one’s heart rate is no exception.

A big part of someone feeling uncomfortable working out is actually feeling unsure. People wonder if they are “doing it right.” No one wants to look foolish. Worrying about what you look like while exercising can distract you from exercising. This is a shame, because the benefits of exercise are well touted. Dance, for example, when undertaken regularly helps control one’s weight and can improve flexibility.

Isn’t Dancing the Worst Thing to Do If You Are Uncoordinated?

Unlike, say baseball or basketball, you can get it wrong in dance class. In a sport where you need to smack, catch, or throw a ball of some sort, when you have trouble hitting that ball you feel terrible. Added to that despair is the knowledge that the rest of your team was counting on you. That pressure can prevent people from joining team sports.

Consider private dance lessons. There is movement involved, but no object to manipulate to score points. The focus is on your own body, and if it is a small, private class there aren’t many people to witness your fumbling. As you get better, your confidence gets better too.

Classic Ballroom Dancing, Tango, Flamenco: Do You Need a Partner?

When you are just starting out, your chosen dance studio may have you practice in front of a mirror. A group dance class especially would have everyone practice the moves independently before performing in pairs. It is normal to feel a little nervous about dancing with a stranger. Rest assured, people as a rule are more worried about their own performance and are not thinking about your own missteps. This can be a nice way to meet new people with a shared interest, as being in close physical proximity and struggling together can bring people together in a short amount of time.

Have you always wanted to know how to dance? Practiced dance steps are not as popular as they were, and have been replaced by a looser, “freestyle” form of dancing. But the more formal dances will never disappear entirely; they are simply too much fun. Trying out group dance classes can be a great way to get exercise, connect with your body, and meet new people.

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