View Amazing Art at the New York Museum of Art

New york museum of art

Take time to explore some of the unique creations of the world with a trip to the New York Museum of Art. This museum of fine art is one of the largest in the world, and features an extensive collection of art exhibits from all around the world.

Two buildings make up the New York Museum of Art. The first building is the main building that is located on Museum Mile. The second building is a sub building that houses most of the New York Museum of Art’s collection of medieval art. This second building is known as The Cloisters.

The New York Museum of Art features over two million art pieces and sculpture on permanent display. A permanent display piece is a piece of artwork or sculpture that has been purchased by the Metropolitan art museum in an effort to keep it in New York. Permanent displays at the MET New York rarely go on tour, and can be viewed by visitors to the museum at any point in time.

Some of the permanent displays that can be found at the New York Museum of Art include artwork and sculptures from Ancient Egypt, paintings from some of Europe’s greatest, and even some costumes from Ancient Rome.

Traveling exhibits are another feature that can be found at the New York Museum of Art. Occasionally, well known art exhibits and sculptures will go on tour. They will usually stop at the New York Metropolitan for several weeks. These traveling exhibits provide people with a unique opportunity to look at art pieces from all over the world without having to travel to see them.

Admission to this NYC museum is rather unique. The New york museum of art has a pay as you wish program, which is a similar program that many museums in NY use. This means that there is no set admission fee and anyone who visits the museum can pay whatever admission fee they are comfortable with paying.

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