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Legacy of Elvis’ Hawaiian Concert Lives On

Blue hawaii

Want to celebrate some of the most iconic moments of Elvis’ career? The King of Rock n’ Roll’s official website describes the concert, Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, that was televised all over the world: “Never has one performer held the world’s attention in such a way. Elvis was in top form physically and vocally. This is probably the pinnacle of his superstardom, one of the all-time great moments of his career.” The performance, televised worldwide on January 14, 1973, was viewed by more than 1 billion people — from 40 separate countries. Here are some ways to honor the famous telecast:

Relive the Moment at Home

To this day, consumers can purchase DVDs of the famous Elvis performance. The DVD i


The Benefits of Native American Arts and Crafts

Buffalo skulls

Did you know that Native Americans utilize all parts of the animals they hunt? Native Americans make sure not to waste any animal pieces, so they often fashion tools and art from these parts. There are two important benefits of obtaining Native American arts and crafts, as this is an effective way to experience a portion of Native American culture.

1. High quality. Native American crafts are designed to be of the highest quality. In addition to using animal parts to make different creations, Native Americans also create pottery that is durable. As a result, this pottery is not only considered to be artwork, but it also has a functional use, as well. Additionally, the Navajo Tribe is known for designing hand-woven and colorful blankets that are high quality.

2. Intricate design. Whether you are interested