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The Art We Breathe Everyday

Cool artwork

At one point, art was controlled by the rich, and carried out by the confining walls of cathedrals and churches. At one point, art was nothing but names like Michelangelo and Botticelli. Art was a task of depicted baby Jesus and the virgin Marry. Art at one point, was simply European and stuck in the Renaissance. Although beautiful and incomparable to many, this now art history has become just a memory… Many would claim that there is more uniqueness found today in a modern art museum.

The most amazing thing to remember about a modern art museum, is the fact that not all of the cool artwork and contemporary pieces might not be found in those closed walls. Today, the world itself is an art museum. You can find street art in any big city that you travel to, whether in this country or outside of it.

Modern arti


Google Homepage Art Combines Wit and Aesthetics Within a Striking Design Scheme

The museum of modern art

Google homepage art relies on a number of sources for its clever doodles. The cool artwork found on the Google homepage is based on pieces from the new york metropolitan museum of art and the sculpture garden DC is known for, amongst many other galleries and showcases. The google homepage art doodle is beautifully set within the simple design of the Google homepage. This makes the Google homepage art stand out even more than it otherwise may have.

The designers who work at google and come up with the doodles for Google homepage art have studied at many prestigious art programs such as the museum of modern art program in Boston, otherwise known as the museum school. The museum school has a well regarded graphic design program from which many top Google designers have graduated.