The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Smart Phone Can Never Replace the Awesomeness of Concierge Services

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Nearly everyone is walking around these days with super computers in the form of smart phones right in the palm of their hands, and it’s amazing what these things can do. Aside from making calls, today’s smart phones are so smart that they can find just about anything you need. Whether it’s a fried chicken joint that’s open until 6 a.m. or a vegan restaurant in the heart of carnivore country, today’s smart phones are more intelligent and capable than ever. And these handy dandy devices are especially helpful when it comes to gathering your bearings in an unfamiliar area, such as a foreign country. But for as helpful as smartphones and tablets are, they simply can’t replace the human element that goes along with using concierge services.

Nowadays, most people are completely unaware of the benefits of using concierge services for both professional and recreational or personal purposes, but at one time they were an integral part of luxury vacation rentals and hotels and even luxury apartment rentals. And while concierge services are still available today, they’re often referred to as virtual assistants, but the services they provide are essentially the same. So what exactly does a hotel or personal concierge do? A better question would be what don’t they do!

Take a look at these examples of how beneficially and necessary concierge services are, and how they simply cannot be replaced by smartphones.

When you need last minute reservations for two at the best restaurant in town

This is a great example of how the human element involved in concierge services can’t be replaced. After all, can a cell phone — even if it’s a smartphone — schmooze its way into getting you exclusive dinner reservations at the best restaurant in town on short notice? Nope. But a well connected concierge can! It’s a concierge’s jobs to stay and become well connected. They know all hot spots in town as well as the people in charge of them. They can pull off favors that you probably didn’t think were even possible, but all you have to do is ask!

When you need to get out of the dog house…

Rut ro! The best way to get out of the dog house is to plan a romantic getaway while you and your special someone are traveling together, but this can be exceedingly difficult to do if you’re traveling in a foreign area. Not to worry though, because you can rely on concierge services to go above and beyond in terms of planning the perfect romantic surprise. Whether it’s a concert violinist playing alongside your dinner table, a surprise spa day for your significant other, or tickets to see the latest and most exclusive play, you can trust the concierge to plan a romantic event that rivals those seen in movies.

When you’re not feeling so hot

Getting sick is bad enough, but getting sick while you’re traveling is even worse. Not only are you feeling under the weather, but you still have to muster the energy to find a doctor. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, at all! A concierge can help you refill prescriptions, find the best doctor for your condition at the last minute, and stock your room with your favorite sick time comfort snacks. It’s kind of like having your mom there only with less doting and nagging and all the comfort.

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