Jigsaw Puzzles Are Great For Your Child’s Development

Before your child turns 10, the brain will make the most connections among its cells. That means those first 10 years are incredibly crucial for development. From motor skills to problem solving, the earlier you start your child on the right path the better off they will be.

A great way to boost your child’s physical and mental development is with jigsaw puzzles. You can help them hone multiple every day skills while having fun at the same time. It’s also a great way to spend family time together. There’s really nowhere you can go wrong, whether you choose 300 piece jigsaw puzzles or more difficult puzzles like a 2000 piece.

Below we get into some of the reasons why puzzles are such an awesome way to help your child grow!

Build Their Fine Motor Skills

Easy puzzles and hard puzzles alike will be great for building your children’s fine motor skills. The larger the puzzle and the smaller the pieces, the greater challenge it will be. Teaching them to pick up small objects and place them correctly is one of the most helpful, yet basic ways to boost motor skills.

Teach Them Logic

Kids will have to work on logic with this activity, especially with tough puzzles. 300 piece jigsaw puzzles are a great place to start and you can slowly work your way up from there as your child improves. They will have to use logic and reasoning skills to figure out where the pieces go and the best strategy for putting the puzzle together. It’s a fun way to make them think!

Teach Them Patience and to Work For a Reward

Puzzles are wonderful way to teach behavioral skills as well. Getting them to sit and work on something that takes time and patience will help them learn to be calmer in similar situations. It also shows them that there can be rewards for hard work and taking your time. Skills like this will be incredibly handy when they are in school.

Make Puzzles a Family Thing

Doing puzzles as a family will help you to implement all of the development skills while building a closer bond with your family. Pick a few up and start a new weekly game night with the kids!

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