Factors to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

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As winter seems to dread on for many months, spring is on its way. We are almost to the outdoor event season. As soon as spring weather appears, you will notice an increase in outdoor wedding and outdoor BBQ event invitations. People have been cooped up for so many months, that they are ready to enjoy the nicer weather. Hosting an outdoor event can make for a wonderful and exciting party. However, it does require a lot of planning and preparation. You will require all of the things that you normally have access to indoors. You will want your guests to be as comfortable as if they were attending an entirely indoor event.

Shelter The weather can be very unpredictable. Most events are planned weeks, sometimes months in advance. Do not let weather ruin your outdoor event. Instead, have an indoor backup plan or rent an outdoor events tent. A tent not only protects your guests from heavy rainfall or windy conditions, it can also make guests more comfortable from extremely hot weather. Outdoor tented events are the perfect way to keep your event outdoors, without making it uncomfortable for your guests.

Seating In most cases, outdoor venues have limited seating. This is especially true if your event is in a park or on a beach. Most rental companies also provide chair rentals. How you arrange your seating will depend on the type of event and how close you want your guests to be. If you are hosting a speech or another type of event where your chairs will be lined up in rows, it is a good idea to allow 5 or 6 square feet per chair. Be sure to keep in mind, though, that if you are using particularly bulky chairs or have guests that require more space to maneuver, you are going to need more space.

Additional activity space Some outdoor events require more than seating. Weddings, for example, require an additional space for the ceremony. The bride and groom may also want a specific dance floor for the festivities. A family reunion may want additional space for family connecting games. The size of your outdoor tented events rental will depend not only on the seating needed, but on any required additional space that is also needed.

You may also require additional space if a meal will be served at your outdoor tented events. If you are planning to serve a meal, the amount of room you will need will largely depend on the dimensions of the tables you choose as well as the number of people that will be seated at each one. Try to allow at least 12 square feet per person when using round tables and 10 square feet per person when using rectangular ones.

Required equipment Also keep in mind that many of your vendors will need storage space for their items. A caterer may need space for buffet tables or serving stations. Your DJ or band may need a specific amount of space for their music equipment. If you have any performers, check with the required amount of space that they will need. Your party rental size will depend on all of these factors.

Bathrooms A commonly overlooked need for outdoor tented events are bathrooms. Your guests will require a bathroom, somewhere that is not too far from the tent or exterior event space. Some companies may provide you with bathroom outlot rentals. When renting a tent for a large event or for corporate event rentals, you may want to inquire about the possibility of a portable bathroom.

According to the Knot?s 2014 Real Weddings Study, the average length of an engagement is 14 months. In other words, the average couple gives themselves a little more than a year to plan their wedding. Although corporate events may require a little less in terms of planning time, sufficient time is needed to plan any type of outdoor event. You will need accurate spacing measurements. You will also need to figure out seating, equipment, and bathroom needs. The goal is to make your guests extremely comfortable, despite being outdoors.

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