Trump Delegate Dumped After Racist Tweet at the RNC

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One of Donald Trump’s delegates has had her credentials revoked after she Tweeted a photo of policemen on a rooftop building in Cleveland, near where the Republican National Convention was going on, with the caption: “Our brave snipers just waiting for some ‘n—- to try something. Love them.”

The delegate, Lori Gayne from Chicago, is no stranger to off-color racial remarks, according to several black news websites and urban news sources. Her Twitter handle includes the words “whitepride” and she has reportedly used several social media accounts in the past to attack Muslims and the Black Live Matter movement.

Back in May, Gayne said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune: “With all the racism going on today, I’m very proud to be white… I’m so angry I don’t even feel like I live in America. You can call me a racist. Black Lives Matter? Those people are out of control.”

Gayne is just the latest name in a string of current news linking GOP presidential nominee (and former reality TV celebrity) Donald Trump with prominent supporters known to harbor white supremacist beliefs. Another delegate, William Johnson of Los Angeles, stepped down after Mother Jones outed him as white nationalist leader of the American Freedom Party. Iowa Congressman Steve King has also recently come under fire for remarks he made about “subgroups” of non-white people during a television interview.

While these types of incidents may just be the latest entertainment to come out of this year’s dramatic election race for the mainstream press, urban news sources are taking the matter much more seriously. The latest U.S. Census statistics say that there are over 45 million African-Americans in the country making up 15% of the overall population. There are 3.7 million blacks living in New York City alone. The upcoming election could shape the future of race in America in ways not seen since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Gayne later apologized for her comments. “I strongly regret the offensive statements I recently made on social media. While I in no way intended to make racist or threatening statements, I now realize that they could be interpreted that way,” she said. Better late than never?

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