The Power of Art to Create a Happier Work Environment

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Is your business looking for an effective option to reduce workplace stress? Have you considered meeting with an art consulting business? Studies show that when art is present in a workplace, it can assist with creating a more relaxing atmosphere along with providing other positive benefits.

Do your employees have control over their workspaces’ design and layout? Exeter University’s School of Psychology conducted research that found employees that do have control over this are 32% more productive. Furthermore, they’re also healthier and happier, which can definitely impact their day-to-day activity levels.

Another study found that workplace productivity increased when employees were able to work in areas that had workplace decorations such as art and plants. The employees that participated in this study were found to be 17% more productive. Just being able to take a moment to look at these items can greatly enhance a person’s state-of-mind.

It’s been shown that when art is present, businesses are able to resolve a variety of issues. A recent survey found that art addressed these important workplace challenges:

  • Stress reduction: 78% agreed
  • Increased creativity: 64% agreed
  • Encouraged employees to express their opinions: 77% agreed

    • It’s also important to note that 94% of the survey participants believed that their workplaces were more welcoming due to the presence of art. In addition to being more welcoming, 61% of the participants agreed that their creativity was also stimulated when they were able to view art.

      While it may be obvious that some art can bring joy, a 2011 University of London study actually measured this response. When subjects looked at a beautiful painting, they found that there was a ten percent increase in blood flow to the brain’s “joy response” region.

      When you meet with an art consulting business, they will be able to assist you with choosing the right type of art for your business. If you’re concerned about the budget for turn-key art services, remember all of the benefits listed above. Just imagine how much more pleasant and stress-free your work environment will be when you are surrounded by beautiful art.

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