The Difference Between Museums and Galleries in NYC

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Nyc galleries are famous worldwide for their contributions to the modern art scene. Tourists and locals alike visit by the millions every year. There are multiple art museums in nyc, and many more art galleries in NYC besides. What is the difference between a museum and a gallery?

Museums are usually large collections of work, usually concentrating on a particular type of art, or even one artist, if they are well known. Museums usually display purchased pieces they have acquired for their collection. Although many of the art in museums is very recent, there is also usually a bit of historical art, either ranging the past few years, decades, or even centuries, depending. Museums usually charge varying entree fees.

Galleries, on the other hand, are generally smaller than museums, and for the most part, are usually privately run. While the purpose of a museum is to display owned work, the purpose of a gallery is usually to display and sell displayed work. Galleries often, though not always, display the work of a single artist, rather than a range of artists across the genre. These pieces are usually very modern, having often been painted for the gallery itself. Galleries can be free, though this is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in gallery openings NYC, there are many ways to find out about upcoming openings. First, art websites are a great place to start, and they will display information about popular as well as more underground gallery openings NYC. Second, following several galleries on social media is a good idea, since they will often update their followers about their individual gallery openings nyc. In some cases you might even get information that the general public will not be made aware of.

Galleries nyc range widely in terms of what you are likely to find there, and what sort of people are likely to attend. Some will be more festive occasions that give people areas to sit and relax, while others will be more formal and standing. Appetizers and wine are sometimes served at gallery openings nyc.

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