Can I Find Work As A Photographer In The United States?

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Wondering how you can bolster your photo editing services? Your timing couldn’t have been better. With technology improving drastically day after day and more people hungering for splashier artistic options, photo cropping services and photo publishing is going to be more popular than ever. Photography is a field spanning countless industries and sees millions of people regularly employed in retouching, advertising, editing and more. Learning how to pick your specialty is one of the most important steps you can take to stand out.

How Is The Photography Industry Faring?

The photography industry has always been a highly necessary middle ground between art and technology. The United States sees nearly 42 million photographers working part-time and full-time in various industries — building up your portfolio and client base is the most ideal way of securing a pay grade that suits your lifestyle. Some of the most common fields include, but aren’t limited to, nature, fashion, portraits, digital, photo manipulation, film, graphic design and advertisement.

How Has Photography Changed Over The Years?

Photography has gone through significant changes over just the past few decades, never mind when it was first conceived. Various techniques and results, like diaphragms and heliographic engravings, were created centuries ago in an attempt to record permanent images. Through the efforts of multiple inventors across the world the first cameras were created, capturing everything from nature to portraits to once-in-a-lifetime events. Subsets of photography include film photography, color photography and digital photography.

How Is The Advertising Industry?

Photos are almost everywhere you look. Billboards, newspapers and posters are but a few of the constant visual guides necessary for a fast-paced and modern word. Online advertising, in particular, is a nearly $150 billion annual business. HDR imaging is generally used for business and marketing purposes — the employment of photographers is projected to grow by around 3% over the next ten years or so.

What Are Common Fields?

Although photography sees itself in many industries, some have proven more common than others. Nature photography is an arduous field that many scientists and biologists depend on for record keeping and analyzing, be it recording weather patterns or documenting animal behavior. Portrait photography is used very commonly all over the world, especially popular for high school reunions, weddings, birthdays and more. Lastly, general advertising and photo manipulation is in regular demand.

How Can My Business Stand Out From The Pack?

Photo editing services are only going to increase in demand from here. Instead of trying to hit every note, specializing can ensure you find a proper niche. Wedding photo editing is a popular sub-category, though you can always seek out real estate photo editing or general photo editing services if you find your interests lining up with other areas. For example, some photographers love fashion or street culture and will kill two birds with one stone by combining their skill sets. Whether it’s photo publishing or space photography, you’ll be sure to find your place in the market.

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