Artwork in Hospitals and Corporate Spaces Serves Many Functions

Artwork for healthcare facilities

Art is one of the oldest forms of human expression. From the cave art of Lascaux to contemporary displays in public spaces like plazas, airports, hotels and hospitals, it has served many functions and fulfilled some deep seated emotional needs. Art in public spaces helps to inspire, calm and create a tranquil or joyful atmosphere. For example, hospital art helps patients feel less stressed, and art in workplaces inspires people. Art consulting firms can help those looking for artwork for corporate and working spaces, matching their needs to the right artwork.

Art in working and corporate spaces
Art in the workplace can reduce stress and inspire creativity. Workplace studies have shown that when workers share their space with plants or artwork, they are 17% more productive. There?s the aesthetic factor as well, since looking at a beautiful painting or artistic object actually creates feelings of joyfulness.
More specifically, art in the workplace helps to meet many business challenges, and produce tangible results like reducing stress, increasing creativity and encouraging workers to express their opinions. That may because by reducing the impersonal feeling of the workspace, art gives workers feelings of greater control and therefore of greater responsibility.

Healing art in hospitals
Artwork for hospitals is chosen for its soothing and calming properties. Studies show that artwork in hospitals does indeed affect patients positively, helping them to feel at home. At the Cleveland Clinic, over 60% of the patients reported lower stress levels due to the contemporary art collection displayed in exam rooms and public spaces. These include artworks from the past 30 years, such as fine art posters, public sculptures, nature images and abstract designs.
Hospital art installations also help patients feel more comfortable. A feasibility study conducted by the Arts for Health staff at WFBMC on a neurosurgery floor placed 18 large pieces of local art on the walls. They also added artwork to some patient rooms. Patient responses showed that the artwork made the feel at home. Some even felt that the hospital staff cared more, because of the hospital art.

What do art consulting services do?
Art consulting services help corporate and working spaces such as healthcare and hospitality facilities, as well as corporate offices, find suitable artwork for their needs. With a specialization in art design and consulting, they can help to identify the needs for particular spaces, and then locate and narrow down the selection of suitable artwork.
Art consultants use extended databases and draw upon their relationships with quality sources to search for the right artwork that matches each unique space. Once the right piece has been located, they can further supervise framing of the artwork as well as professional installation. Top art advisors also offer solutions for the safety and security of artwork in keeping with industry standards.

Art in the workplace and hospital art serve many functions, reducing stress and improving creativity and productivity. Art consulting firms can help corporate and healthcare facilities to identify and acquire suitable artwork. They can also supervise installation and security, to ensure that the art will continue to inspire those who use the buildings.

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