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The Necessary Safety Tips Every Electric Skateboarder Needs

Electric off road skateboard

In the United States, there are up to 500 skateboarding parks for both casual and core skaters to use. But even with parks specifically designed for the raging wheels of a skateboard, skateboarders are still highly likely to experience injury.

According to a study conducted by The New York Times, skateboarders suffered more than 129,000 head and neck injuries over the course of 12 years. However, despite the number of injuries, skateboarders aren’t likely to stop boarding any time soon.

And why would they? Skateboarding, with proper safety precaution, is a great creative outlet with no age limit and new tricks can always be made and conquered. This is especially true with the newer additions of the electric skateboard, the electric longboard, and the all terrain electric skate


Take Me Out to the Ball Game Finding the Best Tickets For Your Favorite Events

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Have you ever wanted to purchase baseball tickets for sale, but didn’t know how to find them? Or maybe you found plenty of tickets, but they were way out of your price range. Then, the longer you waited and thought about buying them, the more difficult it became to find an affordable ticket to that baseball game. High fees, combined with competition and high demand, led to these increased ticket prices.

And it appears that these baseball tickets for sale will only become even more in demand. In 2016, for instance, Major League Baseball attracted almost 74 million people to the stands — that’s more than 30 thousand fans per game during the regular season! Plus, most of these people tend to enjoy more than one live event. On average, sports ticket purchasers are aged roughly 40 years old and attend fi


Three Reasons to Hire a Photo Editing Service

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If you own a business, any kind of business, photo publishing is something you have to worry with.
This creates a substantial problem for people who are really good at what they do, but not great at photo styling. Your customers aren’t able to form their opinion of your business by actually checking out the quality of your work… it’s the photos that represent your business that your potential customers use to size you up. It’s not fair but it’s a fact of life, kid.

So what’s a very talented plumber who ain’t much of a photographer supposed to do? We have one word for you: photo editing services. (Hear us out, Continue Reading | No Comments


Why is Entertainment News So Popular?

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For whatever reason, we just can’t seem to look away. Possibly it’s because entertainment news is the internet version of rubbernecking, made possible 24/7 and with ringside seats. Or it’s because the people that we really admire, in the worlds of entertainment, sports, and politics, are so much larger than life, living out their triumphs and tragedies on a perpetual stage. Sometimes their humanitarian and other achievements inspire us to do better, or to dream of making a difference.

Larger than life
Entertainment news gives you an inside look at the lives of celebrities. They may be rich and famous, but they


Factors to Keep in Mind When Planning an Outdoor Event

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As winter seems to dread on for many months, spring is on its way. We are almost to the outdoor event season. As soon as spring weather appears, you will notice an increase in outdoor wedding and outdoor BBQ event invitations. People have been cooped up for so many months, that they are ready to enjoy the nicer weather. Hosting an outdoor event can make for a wonderful and exciting party. However, it does require a lot of planning and preparation. You will require all of the things that you normally have access to indoors. You will want your guests to be as comfortable as if they were attending an entirely indoor event.

Shelter The weather can be very unpredictable. Most events ar


Planning a Corporate Party! Be Sure to Make it Fun

Casino night fundraiser planning

Are you looking for fun party ideas for adults? When it’s time to celebrate a promotion, mix a bit of business and pleasure during a corporate retreat, or a long list of other reasons, there are so many fun party ideas for adults.

Are you in charge of the planning committee? A member of the planning committee? Or perhaps you are one of the much-appreciated volunteers dedicated to making the event a success. Whatever your role, there will be quite a few tasks to accomplish, so it’s important to have an ongoing party planning checklist.

If you work for a company that hosts regular parties, you may want to put out a suggestion box for party ideas. This way, the entire offic


Connecting With Your Teen On Current Celebrities

Black celebrity

It can be difficult to raise our children on the values and morals that we want. There are exterior influences everywhere they go. They spend many hours a day in an educational setting, with teachers who may have different beliefs. They spent many evenings with their choice of a group of friends, even some you may not approve of. Finally, they spend many hours watching TV, while you are unable to control just who they follow and idolize on TV. In such a technological world, it can be almost impossible to choose your child?s role models. However, there are a few things you can do to encourage their improvement.

Understand them Many parents are worried about becoming too much of a friend with their teenager. A parent that is viewed as a friend can be harder to discipline or take seriousl


The Psychological Benefit of a Vacation Why Most Americans are Unable to Relax While on Vacation

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How many of us have abandoned our childhood dreams not for lack of trying, but due to lack of finances. Being an astronaut would be great, but the schooling and competition may make a secure desk job a better career choice. The American work week typically consists of a 40 hour work week, but studies show that many of today’s working Americans are clocking even more time in every week, pushing the new work week to excesses of 50 hours, 60 hours, and perhaps even more. Studies have demonstrated the negative impact of overworking, given the increased stress levels, higher likelihood for developing depression, and statistical increases for trouble at home.

The American Work Year

While many are quick to remark on the “laziness” of Americans, it is important to consider the impa


Racial Protests in Sports a Brief History

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Throughout the past few months, the American people have become all too familiar with the protest of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protesting the national anthem during his football games. This black celebrity news shocked Americans nationwide, as he was one of the only African American sports players to protest against the current news surrounding police violence against black individuals across the country.

Kaepernick has had his share of support and controversy, and everyone from his young fans to President Barack Obama have spoken out on his actions. President Obama has commended Kaepernick for speaking out on his first amendment right, but there


Can I Find Work As A Photographer In The United States?

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Wondering how you can bolster your photo editing services? Your timing couldn’t have been better. With technology improving drastically day after day and more people hungering for splashier artistic options, photo cropping services and photo publishing is going to be more popular than ever. Photography is a field spanning countless industries and sees millions of people regularly employed in retouching, advertising, editing and more. Learning how to pick your specialty is one of the most important steps you can take to stand out.

How Is The Photography Industry Faring?

The photography industry has always been a highl