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Learn More About Wedding Party Supplies and How Many You’ll Need

When couples plan to marry, there are quite a few items on their to-do lists. After choosing the date and venue, there are invitations to mail out, a menu to plan, and other important tasks. For these and other reasons, many couples may choose to work with a wedding planner to ensure that everything is ready for this memorable occasion.

Wedding Highlights

There are a considerable number of weddings held every year within the United States. On average, this amounts to 2.4 million of these celebratory events. While some weddings may be small and intimate, others are large affairs. On average, however, there tend to be 136 guests at a wedding.

The costs associated with getting married do vary. For traditional American weddings, for example, couples spend an average of $35,329.00. On an annual basis, however, Americans spend $72 billion on their weddings.

Wedding Party Supplies

Experts recommend that you have a minimum of three disposable plates for ever


The History of Prop Money in Movies

Have you ever wondered about those film scenes where huge amounts of cash get blown up or blown around? Some of those scenes involve hundreds of thousands of bills: prop money for movies that has to look real while not being so real that it violates any federal counterfeit laws. Custom fake bills are important film props. Here’s how all this came about.

The First Prop Money For Movies

The first time that money showed up in a film was 1895. That date might seem hard to believe, but that was when Thomas Edison made his first kinetoscope film. In the bit, some men wager on a cock fight. Real money changed hands for that one.

The next time money showed up in a film was in the 1903 silent film The Great Train Robber and, again, real money was used.

A Screeching Halt

In a plot line worthy of Hollywood, the United States government eventually made laws banning the use of real money in any kind of photography—including film. The reason for this was the


Taking A Look At The History Of Wine And Its Continued Importance In The United States

From white wines to red wines to rare wines, wine is an incredibly popular beverage here in the United States, there is certainly no doubt about it. In fact, alcoholic beverages in general are quite popular, culminating in more than $219 billion worth of sales over the course of just one year alone. From wine to beer to hard liquors to ciders, the options of alcoholic beverages is more vast than a great many people realize. There is truly a type of alcoholic beverage out there for just about everyone who chooses to drink.

Wine just happens to be the most popular ones, with wine sales anticipated to rise by more than 10% by the time that we reach the year of 2020, now just over a full year in the future. After all, wine has been perfected over quite the long course of history, dating back as many as 6000 years in history. It was at this point that wine first originated somew


5 Tips for Owning a Photo Booth Business

Many people love taking pictures of themselves and with other people. Since the first digital photograph was taken in 1988, this technology continues to grow in terms of popularity. Therefore, it’s wise to consider owning a photo booth business of your own. If you want to start your own photo booth business, it’s wise to learn a few helpful tips. With that in mind, here are five important tips for managing a successful photo booth business.

  • Purchase Portable Photo Booths

    In 1925, Anatol Joseph invented the first photo booth in New York. While this was an amazing invention, photo booths have come a long way since this time. Modern photo booth machines for sale don’t have to be bulky, heavy, and hard to transport. If you want to start your own photo booth business, you’ll need eq

Taking A Look At The Benefits of Doing Puzzles In America

If you’re looking for a fun hobby to pick up, you should seriously consider the 2000 piece puzzle. Doing puzzles like the 2000 piece puzzle is an ideal hobby for many reasons, which range from bonding with family members to relaxing after a long day at work – or just a long day in general, at that. Doing puzzles like the 2000 piece puzzle has become a beloved hobby and past time among many different types of people, and it is well worth checking out if you are looking for a productive but relaxing way to spend your down time.

Of course, not everyone will be ready for the typical 2000 piece puzzle right when they begin doing puzzles. For many people who have only minimal experience doing puzzles as a hobby, difficult puzzles like the 2000 piece puzzle can seem overwhelming and can be more discouraging than they are relaxing. However, easy puzzles and moderately difficult puzzles are also widely available, making it easy to take your time and work your way up to the 2000 piece puzzl


Eye-Catching Packaging For Fun Shoppers

This should be a familiar story to most of you. You’re walking down the aisle at your local supermarket and you catch sight of an interesting looking package that you’ve never seen before. The next thing you know you’re checking your phone, researching the product, before you know it, the item is in your cart with the rest of the products you had planned to purchase. Packaging design has a very defined effect on what consumers are buying. Businesses who put specific care into designing packages and labels that are eye catching and geared towards their own unique specific target audience have reported a wide increase in their sales. This is not only limited to the new brand of cookies you see on the shelf in the market, however. This trend has expanded into businesses in every walk of life, from the packaging of the coffee you so desperately need every morning, your pet’s favorite brand of food, and even the packaging


Wedding Choices Fancy Dinner Napkins and More

There are weddings that take place every single year across the United States. Planning a wedding is not just incredibly stressful, many view it as one of the most important days of their lives. Therefore, it is important that people planning a wedding take their time to cover all of the bases. This includes choosing between fine dining materials like fancy dinner napkins or plastic serveware.

Now, some people may look down on the idea of using plastic tableware but they are foolish. A wedding is going to be expensive on average and they usually have a large number of guests. Therefore, it is quite wise to make sure that you take time to get everything sorted out so that you do not have to break the bank. Here are all o the facts on fancy dinner napkins, plastic champagne glasses, and metallic gold plastic cutlery.

Decide If You Want Fancy Dinner Napkins In The Budget

Now, the budget for a wedding is surely going to affect the types of dinner materials


The Value of a Kids Costume Store

One of the most popular holidays in the United States of America is none other than Halloween. Both adults and children alike have access to great costumes and candy on Halloween. Therefore, it is one of the most fun holidays that people get involved in with every single year.

The phrase trick or treat was first used in the United States in 1927. Since this date, this has become a staple for Halloween and all parties involved. Therefore, plenty of people are going to want to get involved with Halloween as the years go on and they have children. However, not everyone is aware of the history that is involved with these types of situations.

Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought Halloween to the United States in the 1800s. This is a huge tradition that finds its origins in another country. Here are the rest of the facts on kids costume store and Halloween!

Halloween Is A Beloved Tradition In The United States Of America

Halloween comes from a


The Importance of Having Art in the Workplace

You’ve likely seen many offices and organizations utilizing art in their work buildings. It’s understandable to wonder why it’s important to be surrounded by art while you’re at work. You’ll find that a decorated workplace has many advantages. In this post, you’ll learn the importance of implementing workplace decorations.

Benefits of Art in the Workplace

Managers face many challenges throughout the day including how to keep workers productive. Considering that, you’ll find that art is extremely valuable to help you achieve this goal. One study found that those working in enriched or artistic spaces were 17% more productive than colleagues in lean working areas.

Another important concern is how to keep workers creative. They certainly will struggle to find creativity while working in lean spaces. However, you’ll find that including art in your workplace can help boost creativity. In fact, statistics show that 61% of those surveyed felt that it stimulates creativity i


The Quick Guide to Wedding Wine

Your wedding is really all about you, and it should be. However, when you have guests in attendance you will need to provide them with certain necessities. Food is usually one of those necessities, and wine tends to be another.

Whatever your budget may be for your wedding, you have probably allocated some of it to your wine selection. If you aren’t sure what wines to get, here is a quick wedding wine guide to help you out.

What to buy
When deciding which wines to buy, you should make a few considerations. First, consider who is attending the wedding. Will there be a lot of underage people? Older relatives? Non-drinkers? This can also help you determine how much wine to buy. You should also think about the time of year and what you’re serving for dinner. Rich dishes such as steak would pair well with a full-bodied red wine, for example.

Types of white wine
For your white wine selection, you can find very affordable fine white wine relatively easily. If you want an inexpensive white that pairs well with a large range of food types, consider zesty whites. Wines such as unoaked Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Vinho Verde, and Pinot Grigio are great crowd pleasers and can be refreshing beverage during a summer wedding. If you want a more traditional white (while maintaining your budget), then consider an oaked Chardonnay from Chile or Spain. You can always buy white wine online as well.

Types of red wine
Typically, red wine accounts for the majority of your wedding wine selection. There are many different fine red wines you can get for a relatively inexpensive price per bottle. Consider Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, and Zinfandel for low budget wines that have great flavor. Be careful with blends, which may not always be favorites among your guests.

Amazingly, a total of 949 million gallons of wine were consumed in the U.S. in 2016. You may not have this much wine at your wedding, but figuring out what you’ll serve is still important. If you can’t make it to the liquor store, you can opt to buy white wine online to make things easier.

If you need to order delicious red or white wines for your wedding, check us out today.