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Artwork in Hospitals and Corporate Spaces Serves Many Functions

Artwork for healthcare facilities

Art is one of the oldest forms of human expression. From the cave art of Lascaux to contemporary displays in public spaces like plazas, airports, hotels and hospitals, it has served many functions and fulfilled some deep seated emotional needs. Art in public spaces helps to inspire, calm and create a tranquil or joyful atmosphere. For example, hospital art helps patients feel less stressed, and art in workplaces inspires people. Art consulting firms can help those looking for artwork for corporate and working spaces, matching their needs to the right artwork.

Art in working and corporate spaces
Art in the workplace can reduce stress and inspire creativity. Workplace studies have shown that when workers share their space with plants or artwork, they are 17% mo


Quick, Healthy Bites in South Beach

Restaurant on south beach

Whether you live in Miami year-round or you’re just spending a few days exploring the eccentricities and fun-loving lifestyle of the city and South Beach, one of the first characteristics you’ll experience first-hand is its culture. In particular, Miami is one of the central hubs in which you can engross yourself in Latin culture within the United States. Other than the waterfronts, clubs, and community events, the simplest way to engage yourself with its culture are through the endless Latin restaurants in South Beach.

Food, as a center of culture, is easy to run into when in Florida, with nearly 40,000 restaurants and bars existing in the state since 2014. Running and staffing those restaurants are countless members of Florida, with 14% of Florida’s total population being employed within the


Why Dance Classes Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Charleston dance classes

Dancing can be aerobic, entertaining, and stress reducing. Dancing has been around for many years and is often a part of many celebratory events including weddings, school dances, and even a night out with your friends. Although many people wish they could dance better, many enjoy dancing. Gifting dance classes is a great gift idea, for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Dancing is a good exercise
Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. With busy schedules and an especially busy holiday season, it seems like there is never enough time to exercise. The good thing about dancing is that you don?t even realize that you are exercising. You


Next Level Off Road Motorized Skateboard – Why You Should Get In On the Action

Motorized skateboard

When you have about 11 million people reporting that they like to skateboard regularly, you know that the innovative and creative minds behind the skateboarding hobby are going to push it to the next level. Today, that means off road motorized skateboard designs for moving from the city streets to the nature trails. “Core skates,” or those who skate more than 26 times per year, are driving the trends for new ways to move on four wheels. The motorized skateboard, gas and now new high-tech electric, is just one of those ways. But it wasn’t enough to just go fast on smooth surfaces like what you find at skate parks. While there are over 500 of them in the US, skaters wanted


Facts On Your First Dance Lesson

Charleston dance classes

One of the most popular activities in America, outside of swimming, is the simple act of dance. Now, I do not mean this to say dance is not important, but more or so to say that dancing is something that a lot of people can easily pick up even if they do not think they are good enough for a dance. So many younger people love to engage in dancing and love to have their first dance.

Eventually, most people will have to engage in a wedding dance and more often than not, so many adults will take part in an adult dance class. You can easily find the best dance classes for beginners for your first dance lesson. If you want to get your first dance lesson done properly, then you can easily prepare for beginner danc


The Power of Art to Create a Happier Work Environment

Art design

Is your business looking for an effective option to reduce workplace stress? Have you considered meeting with an art consulting business? Studies show that when art is present in a workplace, it can assist with creating a more relaxing atmosphere along with providing other positive benefits.

Do your employees have control over their workspaces’ design and layout? Exeter University’s School of Psychology conducted research that found employees that do have control over this are 32% more productive. Furthermore, they’re also healthier and happier, which can definitely impact their day-to-day activity levels.

Another study found that workplace productivity


When Was the Last Time That You Listened to a Martin Luther King Jr Speech?

Martin luther king jr

The scariest of times are when history appears to be repeating itself.
In the midst of the news of the day, it is often difficult to not be afraid for where the world is heading. From klansmen who are no longer afraid to be seen in public without their faces covered to brutal police killings of young black men going unpunished, today’s news can sometimes seem worse than the tales of the past.
It should come as no surprise that with all of the current racial tensions in America that there is a renewed sense of interest in the stories of peaceful civil rights leaders and the famous words that they spoke. From the recording of Martin Luther King, Jr’s I Have a Dream Speech to motivational Continue Reading | No Comments


The Necessary Safety Tips Every Electric Skateboarder Needs

Electric off road skateboard

In the United States, there are up to 500 skateboarding parks for both casual and core skaters to use. But even with parks specifically designed for the raging wheels of a skateboard, skateboarders are still highly likely to experience injury.

According to a study conducted by The New York Times, skateboarders suffered more than 129,000 head and neck injuries over the course of 12 years. However, despite the number of injuries, skateboarders aren’t likely to stop boarding any time soon.

And why would they? Skateboarding, with proper safety precaution, is a great creative outlet with no age limit and new tricks can always be made and conquered. This is especially true with the newer additions of the electric skateboard, the electric longboard, and the all terrain electric skate


Take Me Out to the Ball Game Finding the Best Tickets For Your Favorite Events

Buy tickets online

Have you ever wanted to purchase baseball tickets for sale, but didn’t know how to find them? Or maybe you found plenty of tickets, but they were way out of your price range. Then, the longer you waited and thought about buying them, the more difficult it became to find an affordable ticket to that baseball game. High fees, combined with competition and high demand, led to these increased ticket prices.

And it appears that these baseball tickets for sale will only become even more in demand. In 2016, for instance, Major League Baseball attracted almost 74 million people to the stands — that’s more than 30 thousand fans per game during the regular season! Plus, most of these people tend to enjoy more than one live event. On average, sports ticket purchasers are aged roughly 40 years old and attend fi


Three Reasons to Hire a Photo Editing Service

Photo publishing

If you own a business, any kind of business, photo publishing is something you have to worry with.
This creates a substantial problem for people who are really good at what they do, but not great at photo styling. Your customers aren’t able to form their opinion of your business by actually checking out the quality of your work… it’s the photos that represent your business that your potential customers use to size you up. It’s not fair but it’s a fact of life, kid.

So what’s a very talented plumber who ain’t much of a photographer supposed to do? We have one word for you: photo editing services. (Hear us out, Continue Reading | No Comments