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Learn More About Wedding Party Supplies and How Many You’ll Need

When couples plan to marry, there are quite a few items on their to-do lists. After choosing the date and venue, there are invitations to mail out, a menu to plan, and other important tasks. For these and other reasons, many couples may choose to work with a wedding planner to ensure that everything is ready for this memorable occasion.

Wedding Highlights

There are a considerable number of weddings held every year within the United States. On average, this amounts to 2.4 million of these celebratory events. While some weddings may be small and intimate, others are large affairs. On average, however, there tend to be 136 guests at a wedding.

The costs associated with getting married do vary. For traditional American weddings, for example, couples spend an average of $35,329.00. On an annual basis, however, Americans spend $72 billion on their weddings.

Wedding Party Supplies

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